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Get the Listen Live app for Sunny 98.1 ! It's FREE! You can stream the new Sunny 98.1 while you sit on the Southbound 5 (Start it before you leave! No handheld use while driving!), while you enjoy the view of San Diego Bay, or jog around Balboa park ... so many possibilities. Our app also has some...
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FM Radio On Your Smartphone

You may not have known it, but if you have a newer, Android-based smartphone, you have an FM radio inside your phone. The only problem is - most likely, it hasn't been working. Until now. Last week, Samsung became the first manufacturer to activate their FM chip across all U.S. cell carriers. The...
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Listen on Mobile

When you're on the go, so is Sunny 98.1! You can listen to relaxing, refreshing music anywhere with our Listen Live app, available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Tap the appropriate link below from your mobile device to download our free app and listen now, to Sunny 98.1!
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