Katie Stokes - Edible San Diego - Seg 5

Friday, July 14th


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AA San Diego Flutie says slick the plate on sunny 98 point one analyst David lemon this week I'm hanging with Katie stoke she's the publisher. Fabulous edible San Diego magazine. Welcome Katie Katie the publisher of edible San Diego and we're gonna have a ticket out here on the issue and people involved with him. I'll tell people why I think they should look at this magazine because besides the content is awesome it's just a really pretty magazine. And let's go under the cover. Yes this is my first year at edible as publishers you know and it's really an exciting. Journey and now we wanted to go big this year featuring the art of local artists on our covers I mean he's seen the cover this timing and urges each one is really different from the others and we get to mart ago has been super sexy. It's really kind of you know delicious. And so just that it's an amazing team we got here edible it's a virtual team. You know if and when they're kind of does her own thing but also has their role. For the company and I wanna make it to some secret dynamic organization because he'll be out got to eat and eat well and I know where food comes from. Some really stoked to be perfect. So if Crist I mean I really seriously I aide just a group. Ehrlich the play I mean I know that the ways sounds like some crazy other direction thing when it really. It's food music and you know life. You know he entered the same things. I appreciate what you're doing well I'm really glad to be here because it's great to gather people together and shared his feet and now. Dennis are there people you have an online element there's a lot going on Wednesday let's say super active and agree calendar happening receiver active on social media and. Really opened people's thoughts about what they'd like us to talk about. Well hey thanks again for doing the news it's too exciting. Stokes to check it. OK I will be back tomorrow talking more with Keyes she's the publisher of edible San Diego check the the podcasts that he won as. The cut with the play.