Katie Stokes - Edible San Diego - Seg 3

Wednesday, July 12th


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Hey hey San Diego Flutie says slick the plate on the sunny 98 point one analyst David lemon this week I'm hanging with Katie stoke she's the publisher of the fabulous edible San Diego magazine welcome Katie thank you stood for stokes yes Harry Reid took music that we have a new future and I. Can't like we're in the content of the day. Right just like I'm hearing your show on T which is such fun we're featuring a an article by with a place in our July Mecca scenes photos awesome shift his name's Terry Mac Alain and it's just a great story about her path to me becoming. Well clash along with what we're talking about this week food music restaurants. As together Terry's killer she's a great chef that whole resort there Chandler's capers awesome yeah. Great place to eat and I actually enjoyed learning about her background Errol let's like music you first cancer who were Rolling Stones LA coliseum late eighties early ninety's I can remember exactly but it was it was like Atlanta empty suited first answer yeah I mean there. High school the best yet politically and myself. Let's keep that part general. So moving on from there memorable shows through the years and he stuck Cowboy Junkies you know I'm actually Dixie Chicks I'm you know with concerts I I I kind of theory and the gals I just it's it's my music and I can relate. In the like San Diego venues Elena and use those. You about you know an accident and an announcement Tony for six years and it was a lot of fun and great music scene patriots in two and a dream concert lineup. And taken out on this Saturday as one stage one night in near dead or alive we look at it but and here's the order Dixie Chicks first then I've seen them. But I once had a look at the clinic I don't surgery is that it predicts Lila Downs and then to cellist and. That's an interesting mix its eclectic and I told to do OK I will be back tomorrow talking more with Katie east of Houston. Or for a compatible San Diego checkout the podcast sunny day he won as he got that come with the played.