Dawne Davis

Weekdays, 9am to 2pm

I was born in upstate NY, returned to San Diego about 5 years ago (on July 5th), and has always considered San Diego home, after a brief tour through Greenville, SC, Wilmington NC, Gainesville, FL, Tallahassee, FL, Asheville, NC and Eureka, CA.  I resides n Ocean Beach with my two Boston Terriers Einstein and Megan, Franklin & Roosevelt, Waldo & Emerson, Scarlet, Almo, Bristles & Blue (Seahorses, Pipefish, Shrimp, Albino Clownfish & two different stars...all residents in my 45 gallon Saltwater tank).

I absolutely love OB life, and live 1/2 block to the ocean...you'll often see my ocean posts on Facebook from there.  I am  also very fond of riding my horse Encantada dePropio, Encantada or Inky for short, a Spanish Paso Fino on the beach in Imperial Beach.  If you're ever down on Hollister Road, you may see me and other ranch buddies taking off on a ride to the beach on horseback.

When asked what my favorite music is, I always answer it depends on my mood...starting at the age of 4, my music career started with piano lessons, then French horn, Alto Sax, Flute, and a few other instruments.  But combining the gift of gab with great music, has found my dream job being on the radio with you!  (Ask my teachers...I was always in the corner for talking too much).

Other hobbies include yoga, container gardening, traveling to see my kids, one in Hawaii and one in Humboldt, kayaking, sailing and snorkeling.

I also love getting involved in charity events, and can't wait to see you at the next one.

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