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7 Fascinating Memorial Day Stats & Facts

A few Memorial Day facts: New York was the first state to celebrate it in 1873. 75% of us will go to a barbecue this weekend. Between now and Labor Day, we'll eat 7 billion hot dogs. And 41% of us will take advantage of a Memorial Day sale.
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ariana grande

Read Ariana Grande's Letter To Manchester

Ariana Grande says she will return to Manchester, England to do a benefit concert to raise funds for the families of those killed and injured in the bombings that took place earlier this week following her concert. Grande took to Twitter to express her shock and remorse following the tragedy and to...
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The Top 10 Dating Red Flags!

When you were younger, you probably wouldn't stop dating someone because of a minor red flag. Once you get older, you learn to overlook EVERYTHING...
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A Six Pack Of....Bubbly?!

6 packs aren't just for Beer anymore! Want to make an impression at the party this weekend?? Bring a 6-pack of Champagne! Well mini-Champagnes actually... We've got a case of the Sunday shimmies. #MoetMoment A post shared by moetusa (@moetusa) on May 21, 2017 at 9:21am PDT Just know that this 6-...
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Roger Moore

The Roger Moore Story Everyone is Sharing

I first read about this story on CNN. In the wake of the death of Roger Moore , a poignant story has surfaced about one man's interaction with the actor some years back. Moore was best known for playing James Bond in the '007' movies series in the 1970's and 80's - a total of 7 films. Marc Haynes...
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Which School Tested Positive for Lead?

When you hear that a Local School has tested positive for lead in the think Flint? Here's what we know! This is NOT good! Positive Test for Lead in Water at Ira Harbison Elementary School via @nbcsandiego Dawne — Sunny 98.1 (@sunny981sd) May 23, 2017
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Major League...3?

Charlie says he has everything he needs for Major League 3...script, director, original castmates...EXCEPT FOR THIS! Will you watch it? Charlie Sheen says he's working on Major League III. Only missing 1-thing.....Dawne — Sunny 98.1 (@sunny981sd) May 23, 2017 Video of Major...
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Homeless Man Rushed To Help, Pulled Nails From Children

Stephen Jones was sleeping rough, near to the Manchester Arena, when the terrorist attack happened on May 22 following an Ariana Grande concert. Jones is being hailed because he ran towards the scene to help victims, many of whom he says were children. Jones says many of the injuries he saw looked...
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What she thought was a Bauble

What's the best Bargain you have ever found when doing your bargain, thrift, flea market shopping? Check out how $15 spent on a bauble turned out to be a 26k diamond ring! You just never know what you'll find? Diamond ring bought for £10 at car boot sale may fetch £350,000
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When I Grow Up...I Want to Be.....

When I grow Up....I want to be? Bet you never thougth of this! What did you want to be? Children turn backs on traditional careers in favour of internet fame, study finds Dawne — Sunny 98.1 (@sunny981sd) May 23, 2017
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