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Lisa Marie Presley's Twins Taken Away

This is a developing story, and a very scary one. Apparently she found some stuff on her husband's computer...and reported it...she said it made her sick to her stomach. Now the twins are in protective custody while it gets sorted out. Here's the story and video Lisa Marie Presley's twins are in...
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[VIDEO] Watch This Woman Hit a Half-Court Shot - Then Get Engaged!

A New York State basketball fan was the hit of the game Thursday night. Erin Tobin was part of a Dunkin' Donuts promotion that had her try to hit a half-court shot for a $500 gift card. Not only did she make the shot, she turned around to see the team mascot costume reveal her boyfriend, who...
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Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, La La Land

Most Americans Haven't Seen Any Of The Best Picture Nominees

A new poll says that 55.3% of Americans haven't seen ANY of the nine movies up for Best Picture at the Oscars. And it isn't an anomaly. None of the last three winners had been seen by more than 26%.
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Powerful Pacific Storm, Winds, Set To Strike Southern California

The National Weather Service says another series of powerful Pacific storms will bring heavy rain and strong winds to the west coast over the next few days. The greatest impact period is forecast to be Friday night. Saturated soils from previous rains could lead to additional floods, flash floods,...
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BLT Sushi - Could turn a vegetarian

I so might start to eat bacon again...this is like food porn. Video of BLT Sushi | Delish Related Show/Host: Dawne Davis via @delishdotcom I do might start to eat bacon #sunny981yum . Dawne — Sunny 98.1 (@sunny981sd) February 16, 2017
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Only 21% of People Will Use Their Tax Return on Something Cool

A new survey asked what people will do with their tax refund this year. And most aren't admitting they're just going to blow it on a new iPhone and a bunch of tacos. Here's what people CLAIM they'll do with their tax return this year . . . Put the money in savings, 41%. Pay off debt, 38%. Put the...
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A Day Without A Woman - March 8

A lot of Rallies and Strikes happening over the next few days. Today in fact is A Day without Immigrants. And it's being said that's it's a reflection on the Immigration Ban that is going on right now...but do you remember that this happened back in 2006, I believe the last day of April 2006, as...
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'Wings of Rescue' Brings Abused Dogs To San Diego

A flight they call "Wings of Rescue" has brought pets to what they hope will be their "forever homes." Yesterday, 18 dogs landed at Montgomery Field, greeted by volunteers and vets from the Rancho Coastal Humane Society (see the video below) These were just a small portion of the animals delivered...
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Fake Ed Sheeran Manager cheats charity out of 4 VIP Bowl Game Tix.

Did you hear this story? And Ed Sheeran wasn't even in the states at the time. Some man who pretended he was Ed Sheeran's manager cheated the Giving Back Fund charity out of 4 VIP tickets to the Super Bowl. Told them that Ed would perform at their pre bowl event...even came up with a fake contract...
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Expectant Dad Has Fun With Baby Gender Reveal

It's fun to see Dad's getting into to this whole gender reveal excitement! This expectant Dad is a volunteer assistant coach and he got his players to line up on opposing sides of the plate according to wether they thought the baby would be a boy or a girl. He put a baseball loaded with colored...
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