Dorothy's Sunny Story of the Night: Plumber Funds Scholarship for Children of Convicts

Carl Winsness doesn't make much, but he's trying to change lives.

September 7, 2017

Karl Winsness is a plumber in Utah who only makes $30,000 a year, but that isn't stopping him from giving his own money to create a scholarship fund for children with incarcerated parents. Winsness served 17 years behind bars for shooting an intruder who turned out to be a police officer. He missed out on his two daughters lives and couldn't provide for them, so he wanted to be able to help children who's parents were incarcerated. 

Winseness hands out flyers to help get donations for the scholarship, but most of the money comes out of his own pocket. While $1000 may not seem like much, it definitely makes a difference to the kids who are receiving it. Not only does it help financially, but gives the kids a self esteem boost. 

Macy Nielsen, who's been a recipient of the scholarship and who's parents have been incarcerated since she was 5-years-old, said, "You get really down on yourself, people judge you, and you just feel like you can’t do anything. Then, all of a sudden, you have this random stranger who believes in you and knows that you’re not who your parents are.”

Watch the story below.