Things I've learned in the past few days.

You never stop learning

September 11, 2017

Alain Lacroix


These are just some things I've learned over the past few days -and I figure you can't stop learning.

* Hurricanes Irma and Harvey mark the first time two Category 4 Atlantic storms have hit the U.S.  Mark Mathis from KUSI informed me of that yesterday . .

*On that same subject, Mark and I got to co-host the online stream of The 12th Annual Surf-Dog Surf-A-Thon at Del Mar's Dog Beach.  80 dogs and one pig were competing.  See the video at THE HELEN WOODWARD ANIMAL CENTER website.  

*They still hold the Miss America pageant.  (The latest winner -Miss North Dakota, Cara Mund.)

*KUSI's Allie Wagner is engaged. . (Congratulations Allie).

*Erma works at Valley View Casino and Hotel.  Irma was that hurricane.

*The Bruce Willis movie "Die Hard" was inspired by Clement Moore's "A Visit From St. Nick" -or "A Night Before Christmas".  

*The divorce rate for adults 50 and older has doubled since the 1990s.  The best part of this post?  There are no CHILDREN over 50.