More sticky notes for the brain

Things I learned Wednesday

September 13, 2017

Alain Lacroix


I learn every day that things I'm thinking may not be what you're thinking.  

*For instance, you may not care how early school starts.  Psychologists have said for 11 years that it starts too early in the day.

*I care that the telethon for hurricane relief raised a reported $44 million.  Hundreds of artists and Hollywood stars appeared.  In the midst of it all my wife said "I wanted to see my boyfriend".  You saw George Clooney smiling from the phone bank, didn't you?  

*I care that South Park has the record for the most swear words in an animated movie.

*I care that Kenny hasn't been killed in 3 seasons in South Park.

* I care that we've been putting coffee, batteries and other stuff in the refrigerator-and we shouldn't.  Kelly Danek posted THIS on the Sunny 98.1 Facebook page.

*I'm a button pusher when it comes to the car radio.  I find myself more and more and more coming back to Sunny 98.1 for friendly folks, great music and many trips?  LOTS.  

Thanks for listening.  You'll see a new "Mason Fun Poll" on the website in the morning when you get up early.