Remembering Prince, 1958 - 2016

April 20, 2017

It was one year ago on April 21st that we lost Prince to an accidental overdose.  Questions still remain regarding his will and estate.  Fans constantly hear about previously unreleased songs that may be made available, but it may be some time before we hear them due to a legal battle with his estate.  However you WILL be able to get a new CD called 'Purple Rain Deluxe Edition' due out in June.  Read more about it and what songs are included on it in Variety HERE.

One thing that is undeniable, Prince was a huge talent!  Wether you grew up in Minneapolis like I did and worshipped him as a Hometown Hero, or you grew up across the country, you loved him just the same.  When Prince performed on TV you didn't miss it! 

Prince performs Purple Rain on the Asenio Hall show:

Governor Mark Dayton has declared Friday "Prince Day" in Minneapolis.  And there's a 4-day Celebration that starts today (Thursday).

Good news for Prince fans is that his Paisley Park studios in Suburban Minneapolis has been turned into a museum and is open for tours.  More about the mysterious life of the Purple One HERE.

Ready for NEW music from Prince?  Check out "Deliverance" from a new 6-song EP.  All the music on the new EP was written and recorded between 2004 and 2009.

After Prince passed away Jimmy Fallon shared this very funny story about him: